“The universal dietician recommends that there compassion on the plate with your gratitude.”  Everanony Mouse

We will keep the embers burning so you can enjoy them post Thanksgiving.

This Friday November 28 is How many ways can you spell Anderson? Andersen? night. Turns out there are at least two, and they will be represented by MATTHEW FRANCIS for the Andersens, and RYAN JOSEPH for the Andersons. First time here for both of them- they are friends, from Chicago.

Matthew is a 1st Place Winner in the American Songwriter Magazine 2012 Lyric Contest and
a former northern Wisconsin musky/walleye guide- now there’s some creds!

Nashville (by way of Chicago) troubadour Ryan paid his rock n’ roll dues as the bandleader for roots outfit Go Long Mule, guitar slinger for garage-rockers Rambos, and as a producer, sessions man, and touring musician for a variety of artists. His influences as a songwriter range from country blues to psychedelic folk.

The big unfortunate news is that Hayward Williams will NOT be here Saturday night November 29, since he is in Australia, which, in case you did not know, is very very far away. We have done our best to contact those who already signed up. If you are in that category, please e-mail us to let us know that you have been reached. There will be an OPEN STAGE instead.

BIG GOOD NEWS– Bill Camplin, who has a loose affiliation with the Cafe Carpe, has in his possession a new CD Understory, recorded in Nashville with producer Satchel Welch, who has a loose affiliation with Bill. Supporting musicians include Nashvilleans Jamie Dick (currently touring iwth the Carolina Chocolate Drops), Kai Welch who has a vague affiliation with Satchel (of Abigail Washburn and Kai Welch and the Wu Force), and Jon Estes, and Fort Atkinsonean Satchel.


BIG BANG STRING THING– Energetic, contagious, and flat out fun, this bunch of talented Madison musicians weaves a sizzling thread through multiple genres to deliver a tapestry of award-winning original music that defies one description,yet, connects with everyone. Plug into them live and hang on- Friday December 5.

On Saturday December 6 the NEW PIONEERS, who usually play the 2nd Thursday of each month, do their annual Saturday night gig. Great bluegrass- ask the regulars.


Room for all the shows but the Redbird ones- some are selling faster than others but they will all be great! Go to page of the event on our website and follow the link to the Brown Paper Tickets website. Lots of good shows around the holidays, too.