LAMPLIGHTER Burns Again- 2014

Back at it with the winter Lamplighter Sessions, done in the half round with three to four musicians, one of them usually being Peter Mulvey, rotating songs & stories and musicianifying and magicianifying together.

Peter Mulvey explains it thus:

“People, this is the heart of what I do. I love to get musicians together and to play music in its raw, conversational form. To listen, to jump in without knowing exactly what comes next, to be surprised and enlivened. This is the holy grail for me: to play music as though it’s happening offstage, for pure joy and discovery and communication between friends and strangers. And over the past decade or so, first in the winter at my hometown Cafe Carpe, and then over the past three years at my home-away-from-hometown ClubPassim, I’ve found a way to tease this kind of offstage music into an onstage situation: The Lamplighter Sessions. It changes every year, but then, don’t we all? Trust me, you should get to one of these shows if you can. Lightning will strike.”

These shows have become quite popular, and attract people from all over the globe. It behooves you to buy tickets early, or it may boohoo you. In past years, the REDBIRD shows have sold out, often early, so time is of the essence.

NEW TICKET SYSTEM!!! for these shows

This year we are selling tickets for the Lamplighter series online through Brown Paper Tickets. Look for the event on their site or go to the event on our website and follow the BUY TICKETS link to pay and reserve online. There is about a $2 service charge per ticket to cover the credit card processing and accounting. We get regular notice of these sales and will put you in our reservation book.  Tickets for the REDBIRD shows have sold out.  You can leave a comment on Brown Paper Tickets in the discussion section for any event to find or get rid of tickets.

Please call 920-563-9391 if you have any questions. Tickets can still be purchased in person.


If a show you were hoping to see has sold out, dare yourself to experience some new performers. There are some talented new faces in the crowd every year, and they deserve your attention. Might even become your new favorite.


It’s wise to sign up on the Carpe website for our newsletter, or Like us (even if you don’t) on Facebook so that you can be reached with any updates due to weather or other vicissitudes. (See footer to act wisely.)

THE NIGHTS OF THE SHOWS– When to arrive, etc.

Please come at least 15 minutes early to increase the likelihood that the shows will start on time. Eating here helps keep us in business, but we urge you to come at least an hour earlier to do so. Our space is small, our kitchen is small, and our brains are small, which means there may be a bit of pleasant waiting and delightful chaos.

On the busiest nights the menu will be limited to specials and a reduced menu of sandwiches to facilitate feeding more people in a shorter period of time. Apologies in advance if your favorite item is not offered. There is usually no shortage of dessert offerings…

Did I mention it’ll be fun?