Surely you ingest.

It is, after all, how the economics of this kind of business works. We offer food & drink, you buy it, and when it works well, satisfaction is universal.

Our kitchen is small, and has its limitations, but the food is in large part homemade – our own soups, salad dressings, salsa, iced tea, desserts, entrees, sauces, some breads – and beyond palatable to boot. There are vegetarian, organic and local options. We believe in the common sense ethics of locally grown and produced food, and will continue to expand that policy in practice, buying more from local suppliers and farmers markets.

Here is the basic MENU

There may be other offerings on the chalkboard.

Menu will likely be limited on nights when there are sold-out or almost sold-out shows. 

At the bar, one can savor local & regional microbrews on tap, as well as wine, liquor and non-alcoholic beverages.

We have a screened porch with a view of the mighty Rock and our rain garden. It can be delightful.

Please call 920-563-9391 to reserve if you are bringing a party of more than 6 people so that we can better accommodate you in our smallish space.

We work at being environmentally friendly. We try to be friendly, too.