If you clicked on this because you had no idea what verdure meant, the ploy was successful.  A dictionary definition says “greenness”, and here the word is coopted to mean greenness in the environmental sense.

This page is designed to explain some of our operational practices which reflect the uncontrovertible: that all living systems are interconnected (think Aldo Leopold), and that our natural resources are finite. Piscatorially speaking, we all live downstream.

Some operational practices:

  • motion sensors in bathrooms to avoid lighting spaces not in use
  • not turning on lights if daylighting provides sufficient light
  • no lights in rooms not in use
  • restrictive use of toxic chemical cleaners
  • composting of food waste
  • reducing water usage with a flushless urinal
  • having water at lowest flow needed
  • conscientious water usage in general
  • turning off or unplugging appliances not in use
  • having a rain garden & rain barrel to help control stormwater runoff
  • conscientious use and reuse and avoidance of use of plastic bags
  • shopping by foot or bike, sometimes
  • recycling
  • use of compostable or repurposed to go containers
  • thoughtful use of air conditioning and heat
  • not giving out more napkins than are needed
  • not pouring water unless asked
  • not giving straws unless asked
  • favoring sourcing locally

We urge customers to also be conscientious, and to:

  • not waste napkins, straws
  • not waste food, water
  • bring their own to go containers
  • walk, bike or carpool here

While no one can be expected to live a life of environmental perfection, for self and species preservation it behooves us all to scrutinize our practices, connect them to their impact on the community of life which sustains us, and then modify behavior to reduce negative impact. Or, we could be fools, and blithely live as though there is no tomorrow, ensuring that there won’t be. As the environmental humor online magazine Grist named their book on greening your day- Wake Up and Smell the Planet.