This week PETER MULVEY and his friends with hardy butts bike to various venues in southeast Wisconsin, including the Cafe Carpe. On Friday the 12th Peter and opener BRIANNA LANE park their butts on our stage and perform their brand of magic. There are seats still available, but speaking of butts, you may want to reposition yours and take action if interested.

Saturday the 13th is a no longer tentative OPEN STAGE.

THE GREAT BEYOND- look forward to these

Monthly bluegrass with the NEW PIONEERS, catchy melodies and midwestern charm with KATE & BILL ISLES, great female performers- American Irish English guitarist and singer SARAH MCQUAID
and one of the Four Bitchin’ Babes MEGON MCDONOUGH, the defining voice of the Bodeans SAM LLANAS playing here without his band, world class guitarist and guy MIKE DOWLING, songwriter TIM FAST who has opened in the past for Cliff Eberhardt, dynamic trio HARPETH RISING, advance notice of a special event in November with SPOOK HANDY “Remembering Pete Seeger ” and lots more…