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July 19, 2023 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Please call 920-563-9391 to reserve seats and to indicate whether you are likely to eat here that night.

GOLDPINE are Benjamin and Kassie Wilson. Formerly known as ‘My One and Only’, the duo has reimagined their “southern-soul,” “curious-grit” and emotionally honest lyrics into Goldpine.

Through a chance encounter in Nashville back in 2006, Benjamin and Kassie Wilson were sure of each other from the start. “Kassie knew she was going to marry me from the first time she saw me…and she was right,” Ben gloats.  After nearly a decade of honing in on their sound, they’re ready to give the world their self-produced debut LP, One.

With this fresh start, Goldpine wastes no time showing what they stand for. Their lead single, “Wander Away,” is somewhat of a public service announcement about mental health. “We explored the ideas of separating yourself from worries and giving yourself a break,” Ben shares. “I think it’s so important that when we are in a place where we feel like we are in need, maybe that is the exact time to reach out to others who are also in need.” The track begins with a soft picking guitar, alongside Ben & Kassie’s unmistakable harmonies — sonically putting you at ease — leading up to a fuller sound that showcases Kassie’s powerhouse of a voice.

The sophomore single of One, “When I Get to Heaven,” takes you on a musical roller coaster ride. Starting off leisurely the track quickly turns into a toe-tapping tune, back into the subtle, raw vocals of the duo, ending with a gospel flair. “Sometimes, when I’m looking for rest in the midst of life’s hustle, I picture myself under this magnificent tree, just laying down in the grass,” Ben explains about the inspiration for the track. “It’s a heavenly place, where the atmosphere is at such peace and comfort…I’m reclining and in absolute rest there.”

Exposing the pains of severed relationships and unearthing the pursuits of love and purpose, Goldpine is cathartic, moody, raucous, and relevant…all intertwined into one. Veterans of making music, Ben and Kassie put their hearts and souls into this album. One is a snapshot of this season of their lives — symbolizing a new beginning and an homage to the halcyon journey of ‘My One and Only’ — leading them to where they are now. Laced with bold vocal harmonies and fervent lyrics, One, is the perfect introduction to Goldpine.

As their music evolved, the name didn’t necessarily grow along with it. “We were called My One and Only for about 5 years,” the two explain. “Throughout those years we realized that the name was putting out a certain vibe, of the depth of the music, that was not quite accurate with where our style was heading.” Drawing inspiration from their roots, the name Goldpine signifies their past and their future; Kassie grew up on Pines Road in Alabama, so ‘pine’ represents the past and ‘gold’ is the lasting and valuable element that represents the future.

Touring since 2016, they have been lessening the gap between music and the audience by disclosing their stories behind the lyrics at every venue along the way. From festivals like 30A Songwriting Festival and Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion, to listening rooms throughout the United States, Ben and Kassie have been offering their own brand of raw Americana to audiences large and small. Recent winners of the 2022 Rocky Mountain Songwriter Contest at the Red Lodge Songwriter Festival, and finalists in the Kerrville Folk Fest 2021 New Folk Competition, the duo’s bold harmonies are clearly a channel for their highly charged songwriting. Presented the “Discovery Award” in 2018 by acclaimed music critic Robert K. Oermann (Music Row Magazine), Ben and Kassie declared performance as their love-share to the world, and since then, have maintained the love and commitment they put into their shows.

Staying true to their vision from the very beginning, Goldpine continues to stand out. With their debut album of “heart-wrenching songs about loss, raucous tunes about how music is perceived as an art, and short songs about being over-zealous” on the way, 2022 shows an auspicious future for the pair.

“…a melding of raw acoustic music with meaningful lyrics that paint a picture of their and our journey.” -Eric Dahl, host of Fox 17 Rock & Review Radio & TV


July 19, 2023
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm