THE HOLIDAY SHOWS- wherein P. Mulvey runs a marathon

It has become a tradition that in the weeks before Christmas Peter Mulvey will run a marathon series of shows here, inviting various compadres to join him in the buff though they mostly demure and just play in the round. The stage is set in the middle of the room, and the performers face each other as they would if they were sitting around a living room swapping songs. They swap songs.  These shows begin on Wednesday December 8, and finish on December 18.
Who is Peter Mulvey?  and Why?
“Night after night, whether performing solo, duo (with David “Goody” Goodrich), or sometimes even with a band, Mulvey attempts to be the sum of his parts, to draw on all the musical legacies* he has studied, to make a fresh, vital moment out of everything he and the audience have brought to the table that night. “People need this. I need this. To come together in a room, to try to make music come alive, for real, for right now, and then to let it go…that is the whole deal for me.””
*bit of territory covered there
Real deal steal feel heal meal appeal zeal believe the spiel

These shows have become quite popular, and attract people from all over the globe (Alaska and Australia so far). It behooves you to make your reservations early, and pay promptly to keep those reservations, or it may boohoo you.

In past years, the REDBIRD shows have most consistently sold out.  This year they are on Wednesday December 14 ($25), Thursday December 15 ($25), and Friday December 16 ($30).  Time is definitely of the essence in regards to those shows.  All weekend shows are also more likely to sell out.
NOTE:  ALL the  REDBIRD SHOWS ARE NOW SOLD OUT.  Go to our Facebook page and find the thread indicating this fact.  If you have tickets to get rid of, or seek tickets, please go there and find each other.

Whenever anything is popular, the darn order police enact
  • Please call 920-563-9391 to reserve seats, ideally during hours when we are not open- before 11 am and between 1:30 pm and 5:00 pm during the week, before 4:00 pm on Saturday, and all day Sunday and Monday.
  • For the Redbird shows, money must be received before December 5th to guarantee a hold on any reservations.  You will lose reserved seats if they are not paid by that date.
  • Personal checks or credit card payment is fine, but there will be a $2.25 per transaction handling fee on the latter.  Be sure to write on the check the date of the show. If you want confirmation that your check has been received, be sure to include your e-mail address also.
  • All sales are final.
  • We do not actually print tickets.  We write your name in our reservation book, write PAID next to it once payment is received, and put that name on assigned chairs.
  • If you seek to rid yourself of tickets, or seek them once we have soldout, you can post to a ticket thread we will have on the Cafe Carpe Facebook page. Remember that if tickets are exchanged they must be claimed under the name of the person who originally ordered them, since that is what is in our book of love (which song you may hear if you come to the right show).
  • If illness or some other problem arises, it may be possible to tranfer your ticket to another show through January 2012.  Contact us.